Radeon 4800 series with crysis 2

all i can find on the internet suggests the radeon hd 4800 series video card should work with crysis 2. however, all i get is the message that the card is incompatible, and the game refuses to start.
i', running win 7 64bit, 8gig ram.
could someone offer some advice for me?
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  1. have you installed the video drivers? you should be able to play the game anyways, low or medium settings
  2. Go here and get and then install the latest Catalyst Suite (drivers):

    That will solve your problem.
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    Yeah, a Radeon HD 48xx should not have any problems with Crysis 2. As suggested above, download and install the latest drivers.
  4. thank you all for the comments! will download the latest driver and try again.
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