I currently run a AMD Phenom II X6 1045T (Cooler Master Hyper 212), 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600, Sabertooth 990FX Mobo, Cooler Master 700W PSU, GeForce GTX 460 x2 SLI.

I want to play Battlefield 3 at Ultra not just High settings, if anyone could comment on what would best be my upgrade to accomplish this I would appreciate it. I am an AMD fan not Intel, I have no preference of NVidia or ATI. My budget is $300 I would like not to go over. I have considered;

FX 8150 Black Edition 3.6GHz Eight-Core Socket AM3+ Boxed Processor


012-P3-2068-KR NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti Classified 1280MB GDDR5 PCIe 2.0 x16 Video Card

I'm not set in my ways to these items an anyway it is just what I was thinking about before asking for advice.
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  1. Don't by bull dozer, your 1045 is better. if you want a better CPU....

    Phenom II 1090T or 1100T. i have the same motherboard as you and i had to get off bulldozer, when i made the switch to Phenom II 980 yesterday, i could finally run BF3 at ultra with Stable frames.

    A GTX 560 ti will not be a upgrade over your SLI.

    My advice would be wait for the lower end Kepler cards when they arive in just 2-3 weeks. the mid range cards will have 2GB of Vram plenty of Vram for BF3 Ultra
  2. your cpu is ok. you have to buy a better gpu. if you play bf3 in 1080p you have to spend more money on gpu. ght 560 ti 448 isnt enough for ultra...
  3. Yea your gonna need atleast a high end GTX 580 or one of the Kepler cards to run 1080p BF3. I can only run BF3 ultra on campaign, i don't have quite enough vram for Multiplayer.....Ill have a GTX 680 soon enough. (If they ever come back in stock)
  4. Your current setup seems very good
  5. Yes but not good enough to run 1080p smooth on ultra
  6. What about?

    012-P3-1573-KR NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 HD Superclocked 1280MB GDDR5 PCIe 2.0 x16 Video Card


    025-P3-1579-AR NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 HD 2560MB GDDR5 PCIe 2.0 x16 Video Card
  7. are your 460's OC'D that could hel stabalize framerate for you
  8. A GTX 570 might be enough for ultra depending on your tolerance for framerates. My cousin seems happy with that at ultra, but I haven't seen it and don't know what fps he is getting.
  9. Get a Radeon 6990 or two 7970s. That should cover it. Otherwise, you already have a very nice system.
  10. firo40 said:
    are your 460's OC'D that could hel stabalize framerate for you

    His GTX 460's could Max BF3 all day if they had more Vram, but 1GB is just not enough. I use up almost a 950mb just running it on High
  11. Yea he needs to wait for Price drops, because nothing other than a 570 is in his budget to power BF3 Ultra
  12. Say I increase the budget to 400$ does that help?
  13. Yea, but you still gotta wait for Kepler to get here, i mean you could get a 7950 with 50$ more....but my advice wait for the rest of Kepler to get here. it won't be long.

    NVIDIA should be rolling it out close to mid april
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    Get a 7870 that wold be the prefect card.
    When over clocked can reach the performance of a 7970.
    It uses so much less power and your processor is good enough.
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