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I'm looking for a PSU for a Twin Frozr III GTX 560 TI SLI setup, and I found

which looks to be perfect, aside from having 4 12v rails each at 34 Amps. I'm just wondering how that affects performance or if the PSU will actually work at all with an SLI setup (want to be able to OC the cards close to 580 levels as well as OCing my CPU (i7 3770k) as well.

also clueless on how setting up 4 connectors works.

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Of course it will work with a GTX 560 Ti SLI setup...

    If it is anything like the 1000W version then the rail layout is as follows:
    +12V1: 20+4pin, SATA, 4pin peripheral (molex)
    +12V2: 4+4pin & 8pin CPU connectors
    +12V3: hardwired PCIe cables
    +12V4: modular PCIe cables

    So if you were to use the Raidmax RX-850AE then you would use a hardwired and a modular PCIe connector for each GTX 560 Ti. Although it wouldn't matter if you used both hardwired PCIe cables on one card and both modular cables on the other card. This procedure, IMO, is not significantly more complicated than setting up a system and using a single rail unit.

    I would not recommend that Raidmax unit as it's not actually that good: voltage regulation is quite weak and it won't deliver 80 Plus Gold efficiency.

    This is a much better unit and will be more than enough for your setup:
    Rosewill Capstone-750M ($110 @ Newegg)
  2. +1
    The Raidmax can not supply all it claims, while the Rosewill can. Personally I like Corsair which are a top quality make and have some very similar PSU's to the Rosewill at new egg.

    Mactronix :)
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