Pc wont boot after insalling gpu drivers!

So i recently built a computer with a Asus GTX 570 and an i5 2500k. i installed all the motherboard drivers just fine and rebooted without problems. then i went to install the video card drivers they installed fine then i went to restart. but when i would restart after downloading gpu drivers it would say loading windows for like 30 seconds and show the logo but then after that it just black screen's. then i tryed rebooting and it told me winows wont start so my only option is to revert to a system image. i have tryed this many times all with the same results. Please help, will i need to rma my videocard?
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  1. when past the bios screen press f8, select safe mode with networking. this will allow you to boot into low resolution windows with internet. go to control panel, uinstall nvidia drivers, install new drivers from their webside, restart. i had same issue happen to me too i was installing my first drivers on my recent build and after installing drivers windows would not boot properly
  2. just tryed that, still getting black screen.
  3. currently trying it in a diffrent pci slot
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