Spam PM's

Just found the below PM from somebody I don't know:

Hello sweet one,

my name is miss Jacinta Sarweh,i want to be you friend Our meeting is not by accident contact me directly to address here(
Hoping to talk to you soon,
Yours Sincerely,

Miss Jacinta sarweh

Aside from the grammar and spelling, it sorta reads like one of those Nigerian emails where some gov't official nobody ever heard of wants to transfer millions of dollars into your checking account, only he needs all your checking account and personal information first..

Is this a widespread problem or am I lucky enough to be the first??
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  1. No we have seen many of these. A few moderators have gotten them. Working on it :)
  2. So, has anybody emailed these spammers and gotten a reply? My bet is that they send all sorts of sexy pix and then ask for $$ so that they can come visit, or some such. This was typical of some of the international dating sites - bogus people asking for $$ after a few email exchanges..
  3. Gives us your Credit card number, your Social security number, and home address to win a FREE ipad!

  4. Oops, that PM wasn't meant to go to you... er, I mean, wow another annoying spammer :whistle:
  5. ^ Well if you email Miss Jacinta, you'll be vewwy vewwy sarweh afterwards :P..
  6. Just had one myself. Any way to report a PM?
  7. There's no need :) Mods get them too. If you feel the need though, PM a mod and link the spammers profile in the PM. We'll check it to make sure the account is banned, and may take further action as warranted.
  8. Wow lots of these PMs being reported today. I must be the only one who hasn't got one.

  9. And...I'm blind. Just saw the dates on this thread.
  10. Chimed in on the other related thread, but just wanted you guys to know here that we are working on preventing this type of thing in the future. That user has been banned, as well.
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