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Windows sleep problem?? new build. help please :)

Hi all,

I just finished building my first computer yesterday. Everything seems to be working just great, except when I put my computer in sleep mode.

Here is my issue: When I put my computer to sleep, it works fine. When I try to wake it up, it powers on for a brief second and then shuts down. The only way to get it back on is by pressing the power button and (not sure if this is helping) spamming a key on my keyboard to wake it up. I just want to know how to set it up so when i hit a key on my keyboard it will wake up with no issues. Side notes: I have disabled hybrid sleep mode and clicked the box to allow keyboard to wake computer.

Please help. Thank you.
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  1. i should mention that when i press the power button again it's just resetting my computer..not actually waking up from sleep
  2. my system specs: i5 2500k, asus sabertooth p67, corsair hx750 psu, gskill ripjaw x 8gb 1600, crucial 256gb ssd, coolermaster hyper 212+ cpu cooler, evga gtx 570 sc. I downloaded and installed all the most recent mother drivers (chipset, lan, usb, audio) and gpu driver from nvidia.
  3. more information: when I put the computer to sleep, then to wake it up: hit my spacebar on keyboard: the flashing power LED then goes out. I then press the power button on briefly turns on and then turns off. When i hit the power button again it is booting up and i have to select start windows normally
  4. it should works fine by usually pressing enter key to wake the computer from sleep mode.
  5. azecly said:
    it should works fine by usually pressing enter key to wake the computer from sleep mode.

    i know it should work fine...but it's not..hence why i'm posting here
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    The best way to fix this bug is to completely shut down sleep mode and hibernation:

    It never worked well anyways.

    It might work for a while but so many thing can go wrong: conflict in bios, conflict with hardware...
  7. Hi :)

    The poster above is absolutely correct....

    My computer company builds machines and since the First days of XP onwards through Vista and Windows 7, we have NEVER EVER left sleep or hibernation turned on....

    Its an awful system with the main problem being..... the damn things go to sleep and WONT wake up....

    Sound familiar ?

    Turn it all said :)

    All the best Brett :)
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  9. lol alrighty then, im saying goodnight to sleep and goodbye to hibernation. shutdown only then
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