Newly Built Rendering Computer Freezing Randomly

Hi I have just made my first 2.3k dollar gaming computer. And It has started to randomly freeze. No blue screen of death just a freeze. I can type or move the mouse and all applications are not moving. I have to manually turn off the computer via the power button.
My specs are
i7 3930k
Noctua Nh-D14
X79 Sabertooth
32GB 4x8 Ripjaws Z Ram
128 gb M4 Crucial
2tb Western Digital Green caviar
Thermal Take Level 10 GT case
XFX hd radeon 6950 2gb
AX 850w

Any suggestions on diagnosing this problem? Id really hate for this to be a big waste of money. Ive run Norton and there are no virus problems. Please reply I will try any suggestions
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  1. Make sure the mobo drivers, GPU drivers, and Windows are all up to date.

    Also, go into the BIOS and tell me what version of the BIOS you have.
  2. Take out all except 1 stick of RAM. See if the problem persists.

    If it does, switch the 1 in there with one of the ones taken out. See if the problem persists.

    If it doesn't, download and run a RAM testing program. AIDA 64 or SiSoft Sandra or something like that and see if that can make it crash.

    If it can't, then add sticks back one at a time until either all of the RAM is back in with no crash or until you get tons of crashes adding a remaining stick.

    Take notes of what configurations you are using for the sticks so you can help narrow down which ones are working and which ones not.
  3. update the m4's firmware and make sure all the connectors are on good (sata & power) would be my first thoughts.
  4. Version 0906 Is the bios
    Also the memory is at DDR1333 for some reason
  5. And also is it neccesary for me to take out all the ram? It really is a pain because i have the noctua nh-d14 and my ripjaws z is a really tight fit
  6. No its not necessary, its also not necessary to fix your problem. You could just live with the freezing issue.

    It is the next logical step in the testing process. I would strongly suggest that you do it and if you have a stock fan I would strongly suggest that you use it during the testing process so you can access the RAM without the stock fan being in the way.
  7. you could leave all the ram in and test that way first and if they all pass as a group I wouldnt think that any would fail individually.
  8. Any 32 bit program like MemTest86+ will only test 4 GBs at a time.

    If the program is a Windows based 64 bit program, then it should be able to test most of the RAM, excepting whatever is reserved to be used by Windows itself in the current boot up. That reserved block can't ever be tested within Windows and if the error exists in that space a Windows based program wouldn't reveal it.

    The safest and most conclusive test is to use a non-Windows based tester, because only a teensy tiny block of RAM will remain untested this way for the size of the program in RAM.

    Sure, you could do the test in Windows and if it did pass then it may be unlikely that RAM is the problem, but you can't conclusively rule it out this way.
  9. ... Another problem... Now sometimes its goes to a blue screen not the BSOD type screen not like a dark blue screen, a light blue screen with faint verticle white lines. So many problems with my computer...
  10. 99kevin99 said:
    ... Another problem... Now sometimes its goes to a blue screen not the BSOD type screen not like a dark blue screen, a light blue screen with faint verticle white lines. So many problems with my computer...

    For just the "blue screen" issue, Could be just me but it sounds like your having an issue with the graphic card/drivers.

    Although it could be something else entirely... (seen plenty of times in the past on these forums where some problems look like it gpu but PSU causing the problem....)

    Things i would check:

    Latest drivers (which im guessing you've done already)

    Overheating (shouldn't be an Issue but might as well check for temps and clear any dust)

    If you have or could barrow a different graphic card (that know to work) OR put that graphic card in a different computer and see if that will clear up/reproduce the strange "blue screen" issue.
  11. Wanting to rip your hair out immediately after investing a lot of money in a new computer sucks completely and utterly. I feel you, trust me. So much so that I spend my time helping people resolve this problem as quickly as possible all the time and I do it completely for free.

    Your best bets to do that are:
    1) Do the tests above I told you to do
    2) Simplify. If you don't need it to boot then take it out. Take out anything more than 1 hard drive, any CD drives, any USB speakers or any of that stuff other than the absolute basics.
    3) Utilize safe mode - If you can crash it inside safe mode the problem is almost definitely hardware. If you can't, its almost definitely not hardware.
  12. What I have done
    Updated all drivers
    Run mem test for 10 hours with no problem
    My cpu temps are at like 38-41 degrees which i think are quite stable
    I have nortan anti virus which people say to uninstall?
    Idk if this is a related problem but my audio front header is not working. I have connected the hd audio to the mobo
    Any advise?
    I do not have another graphics card to switch out with :(
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