Suggestions for a 600$ build

i am not into gaming. i rarely use my computer. i just want to have a computer that is very upgradable.
and i like it to have the intel i5 3570k. any suggestions?
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  1. I can put together a good $600 build for you, but in order to make smart choices on what parts to use I have to know what your goals are.

    So, a few questions:
    What sorts of things do you use your computer for when you do use it?
    When you say you want it to be upgradable, is that to prevent it from being slow, or another reason?
    Do you care what the case looks like?
    What are you trying to accomplish with the i5?
  2. i normally play warcraft III. this game is very old.

    when i said upgradable, means the motherboard may last long because of my plan to upgrade to haswell next year.

    i really dont care what the case looks like. i just want sufficient air circulation.

    the i5 can be ignored. haha.
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