Building my own laptop?

Couldn't really find that much info on building a laptop and was wondering if there was any sites similar to newegg that specialized in selling laptop pieces. I also was wondering if there was a good guide on putting together your own laptop.
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  1. Just buy a Laptop.
  2. This isn't really possible. There aren't many "standard" layouts for laptops like there are for desktops. A vendor pretty much deisgns a chassis, and gets components to fit. Hard drives, RAM, CPUs, some wireless cards: these are generally interchangeable. Everything else is system specific. The closest thing I can think of would be to buy a laptop, or take one you have laying around, dissasemble it, and build into a different chassis. Like a pizza box, or briefcase, or into Lego. Too many variables otherwise.
  3. yes this is really impossible so i would just buy a laptop as you really cant build one. You can sometimes add ram and thats about it. So go to and look at their deals and discounts on laptops. this is about all you can do.
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