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Hi everyone,
I need a help here. I have upgrade my Graphic card to NVIDIA GT630. And when I play Need for speed run It stuck Is that because My PSU? Says in the box need min 450w and I got a 330w PSU in my dell Inspiron 560MT. Should I Upgrade PSU? If so Is there any max power should I go? Please need a help...
Thanks in advanced...
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  1. the 630 doesn't use much power, a 330w dell unit should be able to handle it. sounds like a driver issue.

    what do you mean by "it stuck"?

    also what settings are you trying to run that game at? the 630 isnt very strong so high settings would cause issues.
  2. If your PSU is not good enough for your video card, it can cause freezing/crashing yes.

    The DELL cases often have proprietary PSU mounts which means to you that you can't be sure any non-dell PSU will fit in the case without you having to modify the case.

    That being said, a Corsair CX 430w should do the trick fine, or an XFX 450w.

    There isn't really a max power you should go to as much as the fact that you really want quality more than power, which rules out about 90% of all possible PSUs (the ones that are complete garbage).

    The two I mentioned, though, are most definitely not garbage.
  3. Thanks Daswilhelm and Raiddinn for the quick reply. Im just using the normal settings I didnt overclock or did nothing.. I played about an hour. Then The game freezes. nothing I can do. I thought it is because of the PSU? What should I do?
  4. well, an hour of gaming can cause some heat, is the GPU fan spinning? is the card clogged with dust?

    try installing speedfan, and check your temps.
  5. I have checked Temps. and they seems to be OK. It doesn't go more than 42C and there is no dust for sure.. I vacuumed it and cleaned it. fan is spinning in the same speed every time.
  6. remove and update nvidia drivers?
  7. Yap updated yesterday and this card is only 3 days old. So do u recon for me to remove and update again?
  8. no, i would return the card if its 3 days old.
  9. So u think is it a problem with graphic card? not the PSU?
  10. It doesn't sound like a video card problem, it sounds like a cooling/psu problem.

    Take the sides off the case and turn it on the side so that the open side faces towards the ceiling and aim a regular AC oscillating fan into it if you have one.

    Play a game like that and see what happens.
  11. ok Raiddinn Im gonna try that now. thanks... wil be back soon...
  12. the 630 doesnt require the 4pin pcie power connector, its a very lightweight card. i couldnt see it being a PSU issue, considering you play for an hour before having this issue.

    what card were you using before the 630?
    did u have problems before the new card?

    oh and what are the rest of your system specs, and what games are you having trouble in?
  13. To be honest I just installed 6GB ram and this GT630 in to it.. Didnt play any games before. Dual-core E5500 2.8GHz 64bit system. Chip set Intel Eaglelake G43. Im just gonna try opening the case now. Thanks guys...
  14. Hei guys I did took sides off the cpu and played like 5 mins which always freezes... Now It did play without any problem... :-) what should I do now???
  15. Did I understand right that you took the sides off the case and now there are no more freezes?

    If so, that tells me that you need a new case. One with better airflow, like the Cooler Master Elite 430 or the Cooler Master HAF 912.
  16. i dont know if your dell motherboard will fit into a normal ATX case. is there an open spot inside where you could mount a fan?
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