Advertisement threads and posts.

How come there is a increase in advertisement threads and posts?
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  1. Report them when you see them, there is always a steady trickle and we get them as quickly as they can but occasionally they come in large batches so report them when you spot them so we can nuke them quicker.
  2. I don't see the point of people trying to advertise here, nearly all of us hate ads....
  3. Some of them are just bots that go around and signup at every forum they stumble across and post stuff up, others are individuals who get paid simply for spamming ads around. Spammer don't do it because it is efficient, they do it for the one moron in a thousand who follows the link.
  4. Okay then, so as soon as i see a ad thread, straight away report, sound easy....
  5. The guys who make the bots are getting WAY to good :/
  6. Wonder who those guys are..
  7. hmmmmm.
  8. They probably aren't bots. You can hire people (even companies) to do this for very little money on freelancing/outsourcing sites. It's often for SEO purposes, not to get people to actually follow the links. Most of them spam sites that don't provide any real SEO benefit (like this one), but when you pay for bottom dollar SEO you get bottom dollar SEO.
  9. I haven't seen any increase in my travels.
  10. Maybe i haven't been here long enough...
  11. Probably not. Every time a UFC fight nears we get hit, everytime a major soccer game approaches we get hit. The ones in the hardware section get nuked pretty quickly so i don't often see many, but the ones in the lower section need others to report them since many of us don't venture down that far.

    Wait until a major sporting event comes around, then you will see an increase.
  12. How come random people have started posting porn posts in random threads, thats messed up, i not sure if it happened before i joined but thats just plain wrong.
  13. I delete a few of those every week.
  14. What every single week?
  15. Yes, i see them in the entertainment quite a bit.
  16. I could try and help in the lower sections...
  17. :non:

    Are these guys getting that DESPERATE?
  18. Most probably, saw another one appear in the same thread as the last.
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