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Hello, I am in desperate need of help. I have a problem with my laptop, it is an HP DV6449us with a broadcom wireless card. My problem is, that my wifi will be working one second, and the next it will disconnect me, and wont let me reconnect! It will show me available connections, and will try to connect, but, fails. Usually happens when waking up from sleep, or using the laptop for long periods of time.

Some history: O bought it used, when i first got it, i reinstalled vista onto it, and then i tried to connect to wifi, andit would show me available connections, and wouldnt connect, so, i reburned, and installed the drivers b4 connecting to the wifi, it was working perfectly. Then a few days later, it was doing what it is doing now. My routers setting was t set to WPA/WPA2 mixed, so, i changed that to WPA-PSK and the problem seemed to go away. Then i switched to windows 7, and since then, i have been dealing with my problem now!

4gb ram
2.0ghz cpu
broadcom 4321

(please ignore the factory specs, as i have switched the processor out from the 1.8ghz to the 2.0ghz, and i have upgraded the memory)

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  1. I seem to be having way more help from techsupportforum.com
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