Need a mouse for gaming

Ive had my PC for a couple months and my mouse is awful.. i have the Gigabyte ECO 600

it looks great but left button is iffy 50% of the time. laser or connection cuts in and out very often.

i just noticed the Razer Naga molten is $15 less.

i was going to get the naga mmo but it's out of stock. should i go with the molten?
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  2. okay.. I narrowed it down to 2

    RAZER Naga Molten

    Logitech G9x

    the regular naga is out of stock and this molten is for some reason 64$

    also the LG9x is 59$.. usually 99..

    so what do you guys think??

    i was looking at the naga because of those 12 buttons on the side.. however the G9x is weighted i see and could be a better deal since it was 99$ but now reduced... any body have experience with these and care to argue which one is a better bye..

    I plan on ordering one of them tonight from newegg.. id hate to these prices change back to their original marked price..
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