Gaming pc (bf3) fair budget

Boitier CoolerMaster Elite Blue

Carte mère ASUS M5A78LM

AMD Quad Core FX4100 4x3.8GHz

Mémoire 4Go DDR3-1333 (8Go:+29$)

Disque dur 500Go (1000Go: +25$)

Graveur DVD +/- 24x double-couche

total 569$

does it worth's?
can it run bf3 in ultra settings?
or you can recommend me any other pc here is the site
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  1. Its very important to know the resolution of your monitor before anyone can answer your question . Each pixel has to be calculated and then drawn by the computer so if there are more of them your game slows .

    In general though a top end graphics card costing about $500 can play BF3 on ultra setting at good frame rates . Just the graphics card !
    The build you outline above will play it on settings about equivalent to a console , but not anywhere near ultra settings .
    For that you will need to spend much more
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