Will a Vapor X 7970 Ghz Edition fit in an Antec Gaming One Illusion?

Hello everyone,

I'm just wondering if anyone is using the same case as me, the Antec Gaming One Illusion case with the Vapor X 7970 Ghz Edition GPU. I'm looking on purchasing this GPU to replace my Gigabyte HD 7850. Just eye balling it looks like the 7970 should fit, but i'm wondering if anyone has personally used this configuration.

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  1. Case says via site it hold cards up to 10.5 inchs, A base 7970 is 11 inch. Do the math, It will still prolly fit, but you might have to modify somthing. The power plugs are on the top of the card instead of the back so that buys you some room. Also its a 50$ so if you have to take out some metal from the hdd storage and make room for the beast!
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