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Ok, so I built my first computer yesterday, and my CPU is running at 66c after about 20 minutes of playing Crysis on max settings. My CPU is an Ivy Bridge i3-3220, at stock settings with the stock Intel cooler. My case only has case fan, and it's far from the CPU. I'm getting 3 120mm fans probably on Monday. Two will be mounted on the top (right above the CPU), and one will be mounted on the back, right to the side of the CPU. Is this going to improve my CPU temps a decent amount? I don't want to buy a new CPU cooler because I already sorta went over my budget as it is, and like I said I'm a new builder, and I don't want to take my motherboard out, and have to reroute all of the cables, etc. I'll do it if I have to, but I'm just wondering two things. Will the case fans drop my CPU temps by a significant amount, and also, is 66c max load too high? Thanks.
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  1. normal for stock cooling, want more cool get good cheap cooler like hyper212
  2. +1 with henydiah.
  3. More case fans will probably drop temps around 5c, 10c max.

    Those temps are normal for stock cooler as stated before by henydiah.

    No 66c isn't too high, too high is over 80c.
  4. I also want to say that 66c is what my temps were at one minute after playing Crysis. Not during gameplay or anything like that.
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