PSU may have gone bad.

I wasnt sure where else to put this but im sure someone could help me.

For the last few days my computer has just been restarting in my face. I would be playing Battlefield 3 and it just restarts. It wasnt doing this until recently. I didnt turn on the computer for about 2 days now, finally turned it on tonight and the computer cuts out without any major programs being run; it would be idle and just restarts.

Could this be a Power supply problem? I have a Cooler Master GX 750W psu. I bought the rig from my best friend...did not build it on my own.

I thought it might have been the gfx card acting up but now that its just cutting out without anything major being done i dont know. It doesnt stay on long enough for me to do any real diagnostics on it. I hope someone can lend me some insight here cause im really lost and frustrated.

If this could possibly be a PSU problem id like to know what other PSU i could buy to replace the one i have right now

Intel Sandy Bridge core i5 2500k
Radeon HD 6870
Asus P8Z67

Thats the rig...i was considering getting a GTX 660ti or GTX 670, taking that into consideration would it be ok to get a 650, 700 or 750 PSU for either of these gfx cards. I do not plan to SLI or crossfire in the future.

Thanks for the replies and help.
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  1. Sudden restarts are likely caused by PSU failing. Especially suspect is a Cooler Master PSU. Try a Corsair unit. Enthusiast series, 650 or 750 watts.
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