AMD or Intel?

Fairly simple, which do people prefer? And let's keep this civilised, CPU fanboyism is almost as bad as games console fanboyism...
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  1. well i will go with intel specialy IVY bridge
  2. I would love to tick AMD for various reasons e.g. low cost, better upgrade path etc. but I'm currently running an Intel system, and the next will most probably be Intel again.

    Very SAD that AMD never managed to compete against Intel's SB & IB CPUs.

    Based on the above, I have no preference, for me comes down to what can I get for my money (and Intel wins :( )
  3. I rarely have any lag on my AMD system. Any lag is from start-up processes, many at once. (No one experiences this??)
  4. well i like Intel cuz it is very good processor and dont fail..i nver use AMD but i was hoking of using buy the truth is i cant cuz where i live only Intel work here..i cant even find AMD processor name here(kuwait).
  5. I selected Intel since I do prefer the i5's, but I don't have a vendetta against AMD. If they came out with a CPU that competed with Intel, I'd get it. I really just see what gives me the best performance at a good pricepoint. But, I think everyone, regardless of CPU they use, should hope AMD can compete again. Then, we'd see lower prices across the board, newer and better technologies, etc.
  6. I go with the one that has the best performance for my specific needs based on the price I want to pay.

    For now that means Intel.
  7. +1 to jaguarskx
  8. I vote AMD because they offer some pretty good Price/Performance CPU's. Now If I wanted raw performance, Intel would win. Truth is, I can't even afford an I5 so AMD gets this one from me. :)
  9. I tend to go with what fits my needs. Though I'm totally for the underdog, especially if they have value, but needs come first.

    Primary Gaming: Core i5 2500k (3.8GHz-4.6GHz, depending on season)
    Old Gaming: Athlon II x4 630 (3.25GHz)
    Old Gaming laptop: Core 2 Duo T9600 (2.8GHz)
    Netbook: Fusion C-60 (1GHz/1.33GHz)

    My next gaming machine will likely be AMD. I'm not sure how I feel about Haswell with all the integration.
    Next laptop could be either.
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