Intel HD 3000 Vs. NVIDIA GT 525M-2GB

Hi There And Thanx For Any Help I May Recieve !!

I Have To Make A Choice Between :

Dell System Inspiron N7110 (17")
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU-@ 2.20GHz
8 GB DDR 3 Mem
NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M -2048MB
750 GB 5400 RPM HDA
Win 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
Office Home And Student

When I Use CPU-Z Says Intel GPU DirectX 11.0
So Its An Embedded Chipset Is That Right The 525GT ?? Not An Actual "Card" ??

Here Is The Validator CPU-Z Dump


I Really Don't Game Much But Would Like To Use For Video Editing ....Will There Be A HUGE Difference If i Went With A L/Top With HD 3000 Graphics ??

Also i Have This To Maybe Buy..

Dell 15 R 5110 15" L/Top
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2670QM CPU-@ 2.20GHz
8 GB DDR 3 Mem
HD-3000 Intel Graphics
750 GB 5400 RPM HD
Win 7 Professional*
Office 2010 Home And Business* Only Adds Outlook Which i May Not Use...

However The HD 3000 And NOT The GT525 2GB.....Will It Make A Huge Difference In Video Editing ?? Since Its 15" Screen The Rendering Of The Graphics Is Smaller Than The 17" ...So How MUCH Speed Percentage Wise Would I Be Loosing....Like 100% 200% ??

Both Are The Same Price But The 17" Has Only A Battery Life Of Less Than 2 Hours 48Wh 6 Cell ...

Thank you VERY Much To All !!
Take Care !
~~Wild Wizard~~
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  1. Looks to me the first one has dual graphics both the HD3000 (on CPU) and nvidia. For your use the HD3000 is just fine!
  2. Greetings Rolli59 !!

    Thanks A Lot For Your Speeedy Reply :-) I Really Appreciate It VERY Much !

    So The GT525 2GB ...Thats Mostly For Gamers ?? And Will NOT Effect Video Editing ?? Sorry I Just Have To Make Sure :pt1cable:

    And May I Ask Is The Nvidia 525GT 2GB A Chipset Or An Actual "Card" ?? I've Done A Some Research, And Some Say Card And Others Say Chipset...Actually DELL Said Chipset...But Don't Know About That !!
    And Can I Ever Upgrade The Laptop In The Future ?? GPU Wise ??

    I Like The 15 " Config So I Can Use Win7Pro For Running XP Programs In Virtual Mode And All That So Thats A Plus For Me..

    I Have A Couple Of Dell Boxes Those i Know A Fair Amount About ..The Laptops, Different Story ! Thanx Again So Much !

    i7 920 Cpu
    12 MB DDR3 Ram
    4670 GPU .. >>> CCC Crashed My System Twice ??
    HDA Now I Know Has Bad Sectors....Still ...

    Thanx Again !
    Have A Great Nite
    Take Care !
    ~~Wild Wizard~~
  3. Most likely an add on card! Doubtful it will upgrade! Here is an useful site when comparing laptop hardware!
    If you are not gaming then the HD3000 is fine!
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