Does my computer shut down because of the PSU?

Hey guys,

I have a GTS 250 and a 400W PSU. I read that GTS 250 needs atleast 450W, but my computer was recently crashing alot and we sent it to repairment. The repairer said that the new PSU he put in is good and enough for all of the components but very often while I`m playing something (I can play for about an hour) the pc just shuts down. No errors, no nothing. And when I try to reboot it, it goes to the part where it says Memory, but only displays Memo and get stuck there. I then have to shut down the PSU from some kind of a weird button on the back of the case and turn it back on from there too, to make the computer start normally.
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  1. Oh, the PSU. The PSU has only the model name: jsp-400P12P on it. I looked it up on the internet and it seems to be a Super Flower SF 400 P12P I think. Hope this helps. I can also post all my other specs if needed.
  2. Win 7 64-bit
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4Ghz
    4GB DDR2 399Mhz ram
    IP35P (Intel P35+ICH9) (Socket 775)
    512MB GeForce GTS 250
    500GB HDD
  3. Well Sunflower make cheap and nasty PSU's, so time to dump it and go with a quality bronze+ 500w.
  4. Could you give a link to one or atleast say the price?
  5. Another thing is that in about a month or two I will buy a gtx 550 ti. Will my current psu work fine with that?
  6. Athough the Gtx 550ti will drop your consumption by 50W t0 450, you're still underpowered. I usually choose Corsair, should get 500W for around $60/£40
    And a useful discussion...
  7. Okey, thanks.
  8. But 1 last thing. Since I basically know nothing about PSUs and other hardware will this fit for my pc?
    CORSAIR PSU CXV2 600W 12CM ATX12V2.3 80+ CMPSU-600CXV2EU
    I mean I could connect it right? The connectors and other stuff kind of confuse me.
  9. Should be fine. Physically they are all much the same, the biggest prob I had with a similar Corsair was where to put all the spare cables as my rig is fairly simple too...It has 2 PCIe connectors should you need to run a rig with 2 GPUs in the future...
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