ATI & Nvidia Archetecture

I need to teach my students on differences between ATI and Nvidia at this computer place I work at (teaching highschool students)

I want to basically contrast between ATI and Nvidia, I know its been ask a lot before but I could not find a suitable information that would be representable to amateur/novice users.
Although I could, in theory, go off rambling about all the technical facts about AMD vs Nvidia, i want to focus on the basics..
I apologize if this is not the place to post this kind of question..

Here is what I got so far

- known for reliability proven by AMD CPUs
- usually cheaper
- compatible with many games
- flexible overclocking (im not sure about this..)

CONS: ??
PROS: ??

- little bit more expencieve but performs better than ATI/AMD
- support for PhysX
- flexible performance with 3d design, rendering, modelling

CONS: Compatibility issues with SLI

Please try not to be biased (although im a Nvidia user!)

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  1. Based on that you should not be teaching it! Either works fine with CPU's from AMD or INTEL! The companies use different Architecture to reach similar results for gaming!
    What AMD can you can read here
    Nvidia here
  2. And.. Just realized you were talking about architecture.
  3. @ gary - yeahhhhhh lol

    Well the only thing you should be teaching them would be marketing, and how competitive they are...since rolli59 already covered the things I wanted to say.

    As for you saying "ATI/AMD - Compatible with many games" I'm a bit confused...since I'm not aware of any games ATI cards can't run(well PhysX but that's another story), same goes for Nvidia cards. And SLI compatibility issues? I'm having trouble grasping that as well...
  4. I'm not sure how you give this thread the title of ATI/Nvidia architecture but don't want to get into said architecture. If you want to talk about the arch then do so. But from what you've wrote about covering so far, just "reeks" of what fanboys would say. I say either cover the arch or don't. No point in talking about "bad drivers" or "compatibility issues".
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