Computer keeps restarting after upgrading MB and CPU

I just bought a new CPU and MB to upgrade from my old one and my computer just keeps restarting after about 3 seconds. All fans turn on everything seems fine then it shuts off, and starts over. I've tried checking the front panel connections, now i'm re seating the cpu, and cleaning out the thermal paste and applying new one.

NEW CPU: i5 2500k
OLD CPU: AMD x6 1090T Phenom ii

CPU Heatsink: H60 corsair watercooler

NEW MB: MSI z68A-G43 (B3)

GPU: HD 6950
RAM: 8gb corsair vengence.
OS: Windows 8.

Please help?
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  1. FIXED: Well at least it turns on now, and stays on! I will plug it into a monitor and see if everything is ok.

    SOLUTION: I re seated my CPU and re pasted the thermal paste. I Also re seated my RAM.
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