5770 fan running loud on start-up?

Hi all
I currently own an HIS 5770. The other specs of my system are:

phenom II 710 2.6ghz x3
4gb RAM
GA MA785GT-UD3H motherboard
600w thermaltake psu
I think that covers the basics...

When I start up my computer, the fan runs very loudly- judging by what the catalyst measurements told me, maybe 70 or 80% of the full fan usage, possibly higher. Is this normal? Should this be happening?

Adding to this is the fact that often when i start up, my computer freezes (everything still running loudly but no activity) on the Windows 7 loading screen- where the bright colours all form together to form the windows sign, with the black background. The screen freezes and everything, and I have to do a manual restart. This always happens with the computer running loudly.

I haven't yet looked into reinstalling any drivers- I've had past problems with chipset drivers not recognising all three of my cores (which I previously resolved), and, long story short, I'm reluctant to do it again unless strictly necessary. Help me!
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  1. use the onboard one to see if mobo freeze and try another graphic card if you can ,also when was the last time you dust off all your system and fans
  2. I took out the card less than 3 months ago to dust. It's still looking a bit dusty, but it shouldn't be anything crazy. I don't have any other graphics cards I can try =\. When I game my system runs quite hot- up to 75 degrees (that was measured playing team fortress 2 IN A WINDOW; less than 1080p). My computer overall shouldn't be too dusty, I cleaned the heatsink at the same time. I'll try using the onboard graphics and see what happens.
  3. The 5770 should not stay loud. more of a woosh to start it then it should slow down. If you sit in the bios it will get louder and louder as it warms up.

    Try to goto safe mode in windows(Hit F8 just before the windows load screen) just to see if you can. In safe mode, the video card drivers are NOT loaded.

    If safe mode works, try to unistall the video card drivers and reboot. If that works, grab the latest set and see if it helps. If not, try one version back. I found some bugs with the latest(12.2).

    The new 12.3 has just been released, so if that does not work, try 12.1 for the hell of it.
  4. Right.
    So going into safe mode didn't change anything. My fan still made a lot of noise- it was meant to quiten it shouldn't it? Which means it should've relied on my integrated graphics, no? But is that possible when my monitor was still connected to my graphics card outlet at the back and not one directly leading to the motherboard?

    I haven't set my motherboard up so I can connect to the integrated graphics- the only connection slot I have is from the videocard. Which meant, scout, that when I removed my videocard I had a bit of a problem. I have no idea where my motherboard case and spare parts are. It was more than two years ago, and I've moved house twice in that time. I could have lost it =\.
  5. My 4870 used to do that... when I turn on comp - it very loud for a few seconds and then the fans slow down to normal.

    I always took it to be a sort of design feature... as soon as comp it turned on... it says "Whoa... I dont know whats going on... I not getting my normal signals from BIOS/graphics etc so I going into safe mode and up the fans to make sure the card stays cool"..... as soon as the boot progresses and the system starts to get its feeds reliably it says "ahh - OK... all seems fine... I dont need this much fan... will slow it down to normal"

    Not sure if Anthropomorphisising my computer make s me mad... but it helps me explain ;)

    My 6970's dont seem to do that...

  6. My card is very loud in general, even gaming it easily goes up to full capacity when the game shouldn't be very intensive- it's always worried me a little, but not sure what I can really do or if it's unusual.
  7. Think you need to be a bit more orgainsed about it..

    You start the thread about it loud on start up... now your saying it loud all the time and especially loud sometime when the card is not being used much...
    It all sounds a bit random and illogical.

    Be organised..... track your temps (you say "system" is 75C... that CPU? GPU? other?)...
    needless to say - you should see a correlation between GPU temp and GPU fan... if not - then that will warrent further investigation.

    you should slao see a correlation betwen CPU temp and CPU fan...

    Do you see this? ... does your GPU or CPU get so hot to warrent such high fan speeds?

    Be organised... get some useful data instead of anechdotal stuff and repost.

  8. When you hit safe mode, the video card will get louder and louder(over time) just like the bios. The reason is that the card will not clock down to save power and reduce heat.

    When the driver for windows loads, the card will drop to 157mhz(400 for some and with 2 screens attached). This allows the card to run cooler and the fan to slow down.

    When you game, the fan will always speed up and get louder. The card clocks up to play games and generates more heat. 75c will NOT hurt a 5770. That card has a very small heatsink so it can get toasty despite its modest power consumption.

    It is hard to link the computer being loud to the freezing because on the windows load screen, the card has not clocked down and the fan will get louder as the temperature climbs.
  9. this is your motherboard look carefuly you will see the graphic connector http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3154#ov
  10. @scout yeah haha I realise now, completely overlooked it. Will give it a shot soon.

    @yoji yeah I don't have any way to measure my gpu temperature I know of. The temp I was referring to was speedfan's 'temp2', but my cpu itself seems to get up to at least 70 deg.

    @nukemaster perhaps this isn't as big a deal as what I thought, if the driver just takes time to load from startup.
  11. absorber said:

    @yoji yeah I don't have any way to measure my gpu temperature I know of.

    Cant you use the catalyst control centre?... "Performance" tab.... "AMD overdrive" tab... then enable graphics overdrive.... and you should see GPU temp?

  12. If you want to log temps(this way you can see temperatures over time) from the card, you can use GPU-Z under the sensors tab. If it does not crash on games, chances are the card is fine, but if you just want to see the temperatures try this.

  13. Thanks guys. This is interesting, GPU Z says its idling in low 50s, catalyst says high 40s. Is that unusual, or pretty normal?
  14. sounds pretty normal... my 6970 is idling as I browse web etc at 45 (catalyst measure)

  15. and this report the all the system sensor and it's free http://www.hwinfo.com/
  16. If the card is idle @ 400mhz as many new ones are, you sound about right.

    The older 5770's idled at 157 and could run cooler because of it.
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