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Hello, i have recently purchased a silver arrow sb-e for my comp, and at the moment i run it with 3770k and maximus v gene , my question is that i was running prime95 earlier and the temperatures got extremely high, hwmonitor says 2 cores were reaching 94c within a minute, i am not sure what's wrong here, the installation should be fine however i fail to see how incredibly hot it got within a few minutes and surely there is something wrong with that, no? (running it only on turbo atm 3.9ghz)

many thanks for help
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  1. I think either you didn't secure it properly or you put no thermal paste on or atleast too much.
  2. yes i was thinking about this - however when i try to secure it tighter (it is fairly tight already) the motherboard actually gives me an error q-55, and going through the rog forums they claim that you may just have to loosen the cpu cooler, which i did, and it no longer gave me that error, i shall remove some thermal paste and see, thanks.
  3. i have taken off the plastic film yes, and i think the rest of the installation was fine, however i was reading online about this cooler and i think somewhere something has gone wrong even though i have followed completely all the instructions of the installation guide, i am going to see if i have put too much thermal compound on now, does anyone have an issue with this though, like the cooler being too heavy it comes in to contact with the cpu funnily (due to it being a convex it kind of just touches half of it)?
  4. It has that design because the hottest part of a CPU is the middle.

    Try reinstalling the heatsink, and don't put on too much.
  5. okay i have reinstalled the cooler - was running prime95 and core temps were max 72 75 74 69
    and this is at 3.8ghz, is this still high / low? thanks for feedback
  6. Well they are better than before, although they are nearly the same as stock cooler temps.

    How fast are your fans running?
  7. around 840 rpm, there could be an issue with the thermal paste - i may have to reapply it, but i have ensured everything to be as tight as you can get it, and yes i was expecting lower temperatures too :S
  8. How much did you put on?
  9. thin layer on cpu even thinner layer on cooler - shall i try the dot method instead of spreading it out?

    im using arctic mx-2 btw
  10. just had an odd spike, apparently my motherboard was at negative 128 degrees c, obviously this quickly changed back to 25, odd :S (asus AI suite)
  11. Yes try the dot method and put on a little dot (smaller than a pea) and clean off the old stuff properly so that the heatsink is like new.

    Download core temp and check temps with that.
  12. im checking with realtemp atm, is that sufficient? and also speedfan to monitor rest, i will try the pea method now, many thanks - shall i apply a pea to the bottom of the cooler aswell as the cpu or just the cpu?
  13. Just the CPU.

    Real temp is good enough.
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