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I'm am going to upgrade my graphics in the coming week to allow for better gpGPU calculations through mathematica/matlab. Thinking of getting the 560 Ti (448 CUDA cores). Mainly because my gpu is faster in the calculations than my current cpu. I was thinking it might be time for a general overhaul.

Current System:
Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H
X3-425 @ 3.4GHz

I was thinking of going for the 8GB leap as I'm running most things on 64bit linux and have a old windows xp for light gaming. My budget for further improvements is 160. That would need to include cpu/mobo/Ram. Don't have any real prefered buyers but must be uk.

My previous system before this one was a E6400 on a P5B Deluxe which lasted for four years as heavy computation machine before I got a HTPC case and mATX board when the ASUS board died. I am looking for something which might last a similar amount of time and could be reused later. If i were to get ride of the above. I'd make it a cheap server.

Cheers for any suggestions!
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  1. Well the 560 is a good card 448 will be very good in math type situations. I would suggest a better processor your mobo is fine for anything up to the x6 so I would get the video card you want then see how much cash you have left and get the best cpu you can I would suggest at least a quad or see if you can unlock your x3 that could give you a little boost..

  2. Cheers for your fast answer. I have 160 quid spare after getting the graphics card. Just order it today for an absolute steal of £179.47 at scan.co.uk MSI version as well so should last a bit.

    I was looking at the X6 but there seems to be a supply shortage and the X4 I have seen are a bit overpriced at 100+ especially seeing as most of them are absolute energy consuming beasts. I have tried unlocking the X3 i have but it is unstable and gets ridiculous temps on air cooling. i might just get a cheap cpu but good mobo and at some later stage get a xeon or i7. Do you think it is worth spending money on a Z77 board and pentium 860?
  3. I would do this if you are planning to upgrade the cpu later that would be a very good starting point but if you are doing allot of math sims modeling ect. I wouls suggest a qaud core at some point.. On the flip side you will notice an improvement over your x3 setup right away. I think I would go the intel rout as this seems to be the way to go and you can upgrade to the newest gen ivy CPUs if you want later.

  4. Thanks for your answer. Right I reckon i'll have to keep my eyes open for some cheap pentiums and a good z77/h77 board. Do you have any suggestions?

    As far as I know neither matlab nor mathematica support sli as parallel threads. So i won't be going to go down the root of sli or crossfire anytime soon. Is it worth getting a z77 board then? Or do h77 and i7(non k) support vt-d?

    Thanks for any answers in advance
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