Please help i7 3930k high end config

Have decided on the processor- 3930k. Can you please tell me if this configuration is good

Processor - i7 3930k - $589

Motherboard - ASus p9x79 - $319

cabinet - corsair 400r - $100

Psu - corsair tx750 v2 - $110

Coolermastr hyper 212 Evo - $35

Ram - Gskill rip jaws x series -1600mhz - 9-9-9-24 - $94

Crucial m4 128gb - $128

I am confused about the motherboard. I can't pay more for the motherboard. Is this motherboard Good enough and are there any known flaws in this mobo?

Is the ram good or should I go for corsair ones?

Is 750w Psu sufficient. I also have a gtx 680. I won't sli.

This is a workstation system and I will be purchasing in a weeks time. The place of purchase is us.

Thanks. Any help will be appreciated
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  1. 1: mobo is good choice.
    2:ram is ok. i would of got some mushkin redline or blackline though
    3: better case is antec 302 or antec p280. they have excellent build quality for good price. if you dont like silence from the p280, the 1100 is the same thing.
    4: if you dont plan on SLI, dont bother with 750w. a 650 will do. good one is the xfx core 650w. it is made from the same company that makes corsair power supplies(seasonic)
    5: recommend a larger ssd such as the 256gb model or my mushkin chronos deluxe.
  2. Mushkin black line looks good with the timing. Will probably go for that.

    Antec 302 looks really good for the price compared to the corsair 400r I had planned. Will go for this definitely.

    650w Psu as well

    Can't afford a larger sad. Will also buy a hdd later

  3. no problem
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