I7 3770k ivy bridge vs i7 3930k Sandy Bridge-E

I have seen quite a few threads on the same topic but most times the answers say "it depends on what the op wants to do" hence the reason why I've created this question :)

Am using a lynnfield i7 870 2.93 ghz with a dp55kg intel mobo (12 gigs 1333mhz ram -2x4, 2x2)

I am looking to upgrade since I do a bit of after effects and premiere pro work and want something faster.

The general opinion is 3930k is better for memory intensive tasks while no noticeable difference while gaming

Gaming is not a problem (I play 2 games Red Alert 3 and Diablo 3 and my HD7950 on my current config is more than enough)

So stepping up from my current config, will the 3770k be a great difference (similar clock speeds, same 8mb cache, same dual channel mem) or wikk the 3930k be better (quad channel mem, 12mb cache, 64gig mem option)

More Info:

Gigabyte HD 7950
Seasonic KM-760 PSU
Samsunh 830 256gigs SSD

Please help guys :)
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  1. Well, if you're doing a lot of After Effects, and Premiere Pro, then consider the 3930K.
    If you're not, consider the 3770K.
  2. @obsama thanks buddy :)
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