Computer won't recognize LCD Monitor Correctly

I have a Gateway SX2800 PC and use an HP w2007 monitor with it.

I have both the monitor, PC, and my Xbox 360 plugged into a Pear 2 Port VGA Switch Box where I can just switch between my Xbox 360 and PC for use with the monitor. The problem I run into, is that when I use my PC (With the box) it recognizes it as either a "Generic Non-PNP" monitor or a "Generic PNP" Monitor.

This would be fine, except that the maximum resolution is 1600x1200

But my monitors resolution is 1680x1050. So everything is off proportion and fuzzy. I have manually installed the HP w2007 drivers, but it still recognizes it as a Generic Non-PNP Monitor.

Any solutions? Everything WOULD be fine, except when I switch from my PC to Xbox 360, the screen is slightly off (half of the xbox display is on the monitor) so I have to hit the auto adjust button. IT auto-ajusts to accommodate the xbox stuff.

Then when I switch back to my PC my PC display is off, (Half is off the monitor, half on) so I hit the auto adjust button, and that is when it recognizes it as a generic non-pnp monitor)
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  1. Hmm.. I may have fixed it. (Since I do not have a graphics card) I am using the integrated Intel G45/G43 Express Chipset Graphics.

    I managed to set a Manual Resolution in the Graphics Properties. Seems to be working fine...
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