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I am having a bit of a problem with my new build. I have an Asus p8z77-v pro mobo inside of a Corsair graphite 600t case and am having difficulties with the front audio port. I have a pair of Bose QC3's that I have confirmed work correctly in my laptop. When I plug the headphones into my front panel audio jack, I receive sound only through the right speaker. I have tried a couple settings inside the Realtek HD Audio Manager but have yet to find any that remedies this problem. I run the audio test through Realtek and it shows the output to each "speaker", and I hear nothing when it is testing the left channel but the sound does play when testing the right channel. Could this possibly be a problem with the audio jack of my case? I have yet to open it up to ensure that the Audio header is properly plugged in and intend to do so when I am off work, but I would think that the audio would not work at all if the header was not in all the way. If the header is installed correctly, is there any harm in attempting to connect the AC'97 cable in instead? What kind of functionality do I lose by not taking advantage of HD Audio for my front panel? Lastly, if it looks like a hardware problem, is it possible to only replace the front panel header or is that beyond my skill set? I certainly do not want to disassemble the entire PC and send out the case just for one malfunctioning headphone jack. Thanks for any help you guys can provide!

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  1. Also, I am not a total fan of the Realtek Audio Manager, could there be settings in there limiting the output to my headphone jack? Would it be possible to use a different audio manager? I could not find any sort of instruction manual specifically for the program.
  2. *Update* Removed my HD audio header and re-seated it, no problems anymore :) I will definitely remember this in the future hahah *Update*
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    Here's a hint with Realtek Audio Manager. On one of the tabs (in my machine, the Audio I/O tab), at the top left is a drop-down to choose which type of audio the system will put out. Mine is usually set for 6CH Speaker since I'm using a 5.1 speaker system. Set that way, I do get sound from the front panel jack on my earphones. BUT if I set the choice to "Headphone" instead, the audio out the front to the headphones is much better.
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