Should I trade my I7 990X For a 3770K?

My friend just Bought a 3770k build and loves it but wants my build as he does Photo editing and such should I trade him? I don't do any editing it was just the very best at the time and I like having extra power. I do a lot of gaming and since you guys gave me good advice on getting a 7950 I figured why not ask and see if I should pair my 7950 once it gets here with a newer cpu and motherboard. not sure how to paste picture and what not but here is my mb friends mb
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  1. It will help him more, there is more L3 cache and more cores (2 more of each).

    Even though you don't need an i7 even if it is the best.
  2. To be honest if i was offered a i7 920 i would take it.... however with 12mb l3 cache and 6cores and 12threads as opposed to 4 and 8 on the 3700k i personally would have to go with the 990X
    there will be some who would prefer the newer ivybridge architecture and in reality the 3770k would be more than capable of handling anything you could throw at it.. but the 990x is still a stunning peice of kit
    the only downside is the 1366 socket designation... however triple channel memory is still worthwhile and can be snapped up at some great prices... but upgrading may be a issue with ( as with all intel sockets ) there wont be any future 1366 cpu,s released
    so if your going to use the 990x on a build and then completely replace that pc as and when then go with the 990x... however if your looking at future upgrades then the ivybridge 3770k is the best bet....
  3. The the 990X is still a very strong CPU. Going down to a 3770K would be a slight downgrade, or at best, a sidegrade.
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