$2000 Upgrade; Suggestions?

I'm looking to undergo ~$2000 in upgrades to my setup in the next month or so.

Budget: $2000 (+whatever is obtained via selling parts back, I suppose)
Usage: Gaming/programming (though programming dictates few aspects of this build)
Country: USA
Overclocking: Yes, and an extensive amount preferably
Resolution: 2560x1600 or 2560x1440

My current setup is:
Gigabyte UD-3H z68 motherboard
2500k @ 4.4 Ghz w/ an H70 CPU cooler (using 2 gentle typhoons)
G.Skill 8GB RAM
Corsair HX850
128GB Crucial SSD
1TB Samsung Spintpoint Hard-drive
Gigabyte GTX 570 Super Overclock
Silverstone Raven 2
22" Dell Monitor (1680 x 1200 I believe)

What I'm looking to upgrade:
I'm currently considering several things. What I know I want to do is upgrade my monitor and GPU. I'm looking at either a 27" or 30" Dell IPS which I can get for $750 or $1050. If I were to go this route, I think I'd also grab 2 GTX 670's, and basically be done. I'm also, however, considering completely switching over to water-cooling (buying a Switch 810 to do so), but I'm not sure on how to spend the budget accordingly, then.

So, I suppose, my question is simple: if you had my current rig, what improvements would you make? What upgrades would you look into doing? The only requirement I ask you work under is allocating $750 of the budget towards monitor(s), please.

I'd really love to see what suggestions the community here has, please. I'm particularly interested in doing full watercooling (CPU/GPU(s)), so anyone with suggestions in that regard, I'd love to hear them please!

Thanks! (please feel free to ask any questions)
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  1. if you already have a 2500K no need to upgrade everything

    most i would say is SLI a 570 to get the extra performance at a 2560x1600 res

    since you are doing workshop(thinking of Photoshop and video editing) then get an IPS monitor it is nice and clean and very bright

    if gaming the priority i would rather spend $750 on a triple monitor and get a XFX mount

    so 3x1080p monitors @ 22-24"

    EDIT: if you want to do full water cooling it really isn't necessary just make sure your Overclocking CPU and GPU to get your moneys Worth

    GPU water blocks

    buy 2 of them for SLI water cooling config

    pretty sure Silverstone has enough room for Water cooling what you need is
    1)CPU waterblock
    2)water reservoirs
    3)if wanting to water cool everything get ram waterblocks(waste of money if you just stick at 1600 speed)
    4)tubing (prefer color tubing to match color scheme)

    and make sure the fittings are right
  2. http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&cs=19&sku=224-8284&baynote_bnrank=1&baynote_irrank=0&~ck=baynoteSearch

    I spent an extra $70 and got 2 additional years of warranty (total 5 years, w/ advance replacement).

    I will say that after years of 1920x1080, I don't regret for a second spending the money on this monitor. It is brilliant.

    edit: I'm running a q9550 with a gtx470 at 2650x1440. I run diablo III windowed in the highest res available (1920x1080) while all settings set to "high." Very little, if any, framerate lag.

    I also run wow windowed at 2650x1440 and aside from making a gigantic difference in the overall appearance of the game, it too runs with all of the highest settings without so much as a fart in performance.

    spend 1k on the monitor, turn the other 1k into singles and visit your local shaker club. King for a day.
  3. Thank you for the suggestions so far! I think I'd prefer to go the 27" monitor route because ideally (at some point) I'd love to go 3x27". It simply isn't in my budget at the moment, but I don't want to spend $750 on a 3 monitor setup to have to fully upgrade it again in the future. I'm thinking I might sell my 570 (~$250) and try to pick up two 670's (which, deducting the cost for my 570) which cost ~$650. This would leave (2000-650-750) ~600 for watercooling. Do you think that's sufficient?

    Edit: I like how you think newbcakes! haha
  4. Sounds good to me. I am more of a monitor guy myself though. :P
  5. most you would need for water cooling is about $500 and thats pretty much already going over board i would usually spend about 200-400 with GPU blocks, CPU blocks, reservoirs, pumps, and tubing

    pretty sure you can get an awesome water build out of 500-600
  6. Okay great, thank you. I wasn't sure because my research had shown ~$70 for a CPU block, ~$100 per GPU block, and therefore I'd only have $300 give or take for everything else (compression fittings, tubing, reservoir, radiator, etc.) If need be I can always spend 100-200 more, but I'd like to be certain I'm within a reasonable range. Thanks guys.
  7. forgot the name of the water cooler

    but what comes with it is a big Reservoir, cpu block, tubing, and a 4x120MM cooler

    you really need to find some room for it though it is around 200-300 and that is most of the stuff already

    buying some extra small reservoirs will help with the GPU cooling also

    pretty much for the fan cooler think about 2 H100s

    NOTE: i might have gotten the cooling dimensions wrong i just remember it was bigger than a H100 so it might be 3x120mm instead



    also another option to do is wait for the EVGA 670 Watercooled

    comes pre applied so you do not have to do anything and i believe they usually use Ek brand and they are about $100 ea

    shud be around $1000 for 2x670 EVGA watercooled(not to mention it is already overclocked)
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