560Ti performance difference between operating systems


i recently got an SSD and there's no long enough connectors on my mobo to keep my Windows XP hard drive, plus XP is kinda old anyways.

however, when it comes down to gaming performance Windows XP is better on some titles, many of which are DX9.

COD blackops runs 30fps less in Windows 7 a lot of the time
NFS Hot Pursuit runs 10 - 15 fps less
Mafia II and Dirt3 run the same (maybe 2fps difference in benchmarks)

still haven't tested other games.

But as we're constantly urged that Windows 7 is better it's in fact terrible for some games. My CPU is kind of old, but it gives awesome performance in XP, why not windows 7?

Full specs:

Q6600 @ 2.9ghz
Gigabyte GTX560 Ti
Patriot Pyro 60GB SSD (Win7 x64)
80GB HDD (WinXP)
2TB Western Digital Green
Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler

i'm on all the latest drivers, even tried tweaking in the nvidia control panel, still nothing. really wanna get this solved, because im intending on upgrading my cpu+mobo soon, but if XP still runs better in games then there's no point.
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  1. Hi there,

    Windows 7 is much more of a resource hog than XP, so it uses more RAM, more CPU power and more GPU power, that's most likely why your seeing a performance decrease going from XP to W7.
    If you don't mind your W7 looking like XP you can make W7 less demanding:

    Go to: Start > Computer > System Properties > Advanced System Settings > Click on "Settings" under the performance section > Change to "Adjust for Best performance"

    You could also do other things like make sure that you don't have loads of programs loaded in the background.

    Go to: Start > Type "msconfig" > Press Enter > Go to the "Startup" Tab > Untick all unnecessary programs > Reboot.
  2. same performance with all of windows 7's visual features turned off. makes no difference even in xp using the "Adjust for Best performance".

    i'm upgrading from 4gb to 8gb of ddr3 ram shortly, but i dont expect a difference.
  3. I personally didn't see any performance increase going from 4 to 8GB. Its strange your seeing such a big hit in CoDBO, your PC should easily max it out, Do you have the latest patches for CoDBO?, I know there was a patch that gave support for quad core processors.

    Are you sure your running the same settings in nvidia control panel and in-game, no V-sync ETC...?

    Apart from that I have no idea : /
  4. a lot of people have reported slower performance in Win7 for blackops.
    but regardless of blackops, NFS Hot Pursuit also runs 10 - 20 fps slower sometimes.


    Dirt3 is the same in Win7
    and so is Mafia II
    haven't tested Crysis 2 yet or anything else.
  5. Well as so many people have had the same issue then its very unlikely to be an issue with your PC's config/hardware/software most likely an issue between W7 and certain game engines/ lack of optimizations.
  6. true that, but it seems so inconvenient that it works so much better in one OS than another. im thinking of upgrading to a 2500k, as my q6600 bottlenecks my GTX560 Ti to a certain extent. maybe that'll fix my problem, but XP would still game faster.
  7. Wow that is weird, just about every comparison at the time had W7 slightly ahead of XP for gaming.
    My own testing showed the same with both Crysis games Mafia II and other titles of the time all showing slightly better performance over XP.
    One of the reasons I switched.
    I feel there must be something within your set up that is putting a restriction on the FPS some how.
    The differences you quote to me sound way to much for it to be OS related.

    Mactronix :)
  8. My friend has a GTX275 and a Q6600 @ 3.4Ghz and can max out CoDBo, hitting the in-game FPS limit of 90/91 FPS. (under W7) so although it sucks that the performance has been lowered so drastically hopefully the game is still playable and enjoyable.
  9. yeah, i was getting almost solid 91fps in windows xp, dunno whats happening in windows 7
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