I3-2100 vs A6/A8 or FX-4100

I want to upgrade to see a big improvement in games like GTA IV and i'm preparing for GTA 5. (Coming from an AMD Athlon II X2 245, DDR2 800 4GB)

My Monitor resolution is 1440x900.

Parts that i will reuse from my old system:

Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 GDDR5
320gb HDD
PSU: 3Zone (Some korean made PSU).. i'm not sure if it can handle a 125w processor.

+3.3v - 35a
+5v - 28a
+12v1 - 10a
+12v2 = 10a

I'm aiming for i3-2100 since it only has 65w TDP (fits my psu better i think) and it's pinless.. but it's a only dual core with HT... Do you think it will run GTA IV smoothly just like AMD Quads?

I have an average of 25fps in GTA IV with Athlon II X2 245 (Medium to High Settings).. OC'ing to 3.5ghz gives me a 5 fps boost.

Do you think an i3+DDR3 will give more than that?

(Sorry for my English)
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    the i3 is better vs the fx4100 and the a series cpus, most games are mostly gpu dependent but you will see some inprovement in fps

    u can refer to this,3106-5.html
    the i3 is 1 tier above the fx and 4 above the a8/a6
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  3. I've bought an i3-2120 and Asus H61-M LX3 Plus, I can't find any Quad AMD :D

  4. There was also a FX 4170 which would have been a good choice as well, the buffed up clockspeeds help feed the pipelines faster mitigating the lose of IPC significantly, and it is a quad core.

    FYI, don't ever take the TH monthly CPU breakdown as the holy bible, there are plenty inaccuracies that lead to stupid buys. fortunately with your hardware you will be fine.
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