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I recently completed my very first homebuilt gaming PC. I installed everything correctly and it turned on the first time I hit the power button. I installed my OS and messed around with a couple of the settings, nothing major. However, when I moved the PC from my kitchen table back to my room, it started up for about 10 seconds and then just clicked off. I can't get it to turn on again. Should I just recheck all the connections?
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  1. Starting with the connections is the best place and normally where issues occur when moving computers. It might not be a bad idea to just reseat all of the cable connections and ensure your mobo and cpu power connectors lock fully in place.

  2. You could have had a power surge blow out the power supply. (For this reason you should be connecting it to a surge protector.)
  3. what psu are you using? could simply be a blown/insufficient psu causing the issue
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