Intel Xeon X5690 Operates slow?

I bought an Intel Xeon X5690 processor for a server computer I was building, it was very expensive and now I am thinking I may have gotten a defected processor. My Core i5 2400 seems to performer faster than it, it copies files faster even though its a 6 core processor.

Whenever I try hosting a dedicated Minecraft server, the server lags if one of my friends goes far away from me. On my other PC with the Intel Core i5 2400 its basically flawless. The computer with the Intel Xeon X5690 has RAID1 and is also using Windows Server 2011 (2008 R2). The Core i5 2400 is running on Windows 7. Is Windows the problem or could it be the RAID1?

Could it also be the Power supply? The PSU I bought came with the case however the case I bought was Intel and its one of the Server cases.

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  1. It's not the processor, but we need a little bit more info to help you. What do you mean by "if one of my friends goes far away from me"? Do you mean far LAN / WAN / WiFi distance? The mobo is a dual slot, but you said you have only one CPU. Did you configure it right for one CPU? What type of disks are you using for the RAID1?
  2. Question 1, by far away I mean by in the game Minecraft. If he walks far away from me in the game then it starts to lag for me when I build and the same for him. Quesiton 2 I have not configured anything for one CPU, I just put the XPU in the CPU1 slot on the MOBO and everything seemed to work fine so I left it. Question 3 I have 4 Disks total, SATA 3/gbs and all the same models. 2 HDDs are in RAID 1 and then another 2 HDDs are in RAID 1 as well.
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