Dell xps m2010 ati graphics card bootup, freeze problems

Hello everyone,
i am in dire need of assistance

Dell xps m2010 ati graphics card bootup, freeze problems

I have a dell Xps m2010 laptop which had the problem of laptop screen freezing, ultra slow bootup .

it was repaired by dell in may 2011 where they replaced motherboard, hdd, ram and ultimately replacement of graphics card

solved the problem.

it suddenly stopped booting up in feb 2012, i can see the power lights come up, hdd light coming up and thats it.

After googling the problem of dell mxs m2010 not booting up i came to the know that actual cause of the problem is graphics


Apparently there is not proper contact between heat sink and the graphics card or/ and the thermal paste has spread on the

dye thus causing short cercuit and stopping laptop from booting up.

As per the solution shown- i disconnected the heat sink to find that actually the thermal paste was on the sorrounding cercuit

board dye. i cleaned it up and it started just to hang/ freeze later, it will take some 5-6 attempts after it to turn on again

where it will again freeze.

I found out that there are some 12-13 chips on the grahics card while have corrosponding blue thermal paste kind of stuff on

the heatsink solution, these blue thermal paste actually get in contact after lots of tightening of the screws on the heatsink

but still some where not in proper contact. I assumed these certain chips are not getting properly cooled leading to laptop

freeze up/ failed boot

I put some thermal paste on the blue ic coller/ thermal paste and hurrey it started to boot up reguraly, only again it will freeze

after 20 or so mins.

the thermal paste is the best quality i could find, it looks like an injection and i took proper care so as it does not spread on

nieghbouring circuit board.

please help me out as i find dell online tech support crappy and the in home warranty is expired, this is my work laptop and i

run solid works on it hence its thermal stability is critical for me .

the laptop has 4gb ram and recently replaced hdd, hdd does not make any funny noise if that helps!
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  1. Hi there, To be on the safe side you could try using Arctic cooling MX-4 or Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound, both of which are non-conductive.

    I'd recommend checking with GPU-Z's Sensor tab to check the GPU's temps to verify the issue

    You can download it here:

    Let us know how you get on

  2. thanks. i will try the software and will let you know :) in three hours or so.
  3. i installed the software and it does show radical increase in temp bar ( the last tab on the top right) , it does not show temp just a bar, immidiately i see laptop fans turning on but by then system has hanged already!! and i force restart the system again it hangs after 5 mins or so sometimes even sooner.

    as much i know fan is supposed to switch on after a certain temp so why does the system hangs even before fans turn on?

    also i noticed after rebooting i can here and see that the system has booted in windows but no display on lcd? i forgot to mention it did happen twice during the trouble shooting.
  4. no one willing to help
  5. go here for my solution its a real fix tio your problem not a band aid

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