Please Help Will This CPU cooler fit/be ok in my case???

My old pc is completely outdated hd 6440 and a Intel Core 2 Quad q6600, so i don't want to upgrade but build an entire new system.

Since I'm going to do some editing and alot of gaming I am probably going to go with a 3770k or a 3930k. Also I'm going to overclock hopefully 4.5ghz or more. So if I want more then 4.5ghz then i'll need a good cpu cooler so I looked at some the spire thermax eclipse II was the best, however my case is the nzxt phantom 410 gunmetal is the case i want.

So could someone please tell if it will be ok in my case.

thank you
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  1. Yes, that case will fit a coolermaster v10 which is even taller than the spire.
  2. Thank you I though so too but I was having second thoughts but it's cleared up now.
  3. I also have the Phantom 410 but glossy black. It's got a lot of space from the panel. It will fit bro.
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