Weird temp. readings?

So, I was messing around in the BIOS, and I OC'd the CPU to 3.6, until the new cooler comes in.

The BIOS says around 45 to 50C, and Core Temp says anywhere from 25 to 34C. Someone HELP! :cry:

Everything else can be seen from the BIOS picture. 2nd one.

Heres the imgur album link. (With most of my computer pictures. :D)

'mergency link:
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  1. Assuming those are both idle temps, the BIOS readings will always be higher than the Core Temp readings due to the fact that the cores are at full power in BIOS... but at reduced power when Windows is booted up and the C1E setting is enabled in BIOS. You may even have other CPU power saving features. Check your CPU's speed with CPU-Z when you get your reading in Windows. It will probably show a reduced speed when there is no demand.
  2. Yeah, what he said.

    You are fine.
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