Is it bad that CPU core temps are different?


Just got new computer and wanted to check out the temps on the CPU. And there is some difference. Core 0 is usually jumping between 25-30, Cor 1 usually jumps between 35-40, Core 2 usually stays at 40-45 and Core 3 usually 40.

Any bad stuff here? and, the temperture seriously jumps all the time and almost never steady...
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  1. EDIT, i have 3770k and H100. Im fairly sure that pressure is even on the CPU, but wouldnt hurt on checking that later on
  2. That happens on almost all Intel CPUs. Core 0 is the coolest, and Core 2 is the hottest, and there's usually a 10C difference. Nothing to worry about.
  3. Normal. Don't worry about it.
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