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Sup, i game at 1080p and have been planning to upgrade for a year now, think i even asked a few times on this forum but never got around to doing it. Anyway i plan to do this 8 June (my birthday) to get some extra cash.

I want to upgrade my single 5770 to something that will give me a pretty decent boost i will notice but im really tight on funds, so the cheapest option (GPU) from either AMD or Nvidia that can give me a decent boost. Which would you suggest? I got a crossfire board and thought of buying a new 6770 and doing crossfire, but i dont know if there are better options. I play pretty much all games i can get my hands on.

Other specs:

Athlon x4
8Gb ram
Cheapish AMD3 biostar mobo.
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  1. got a budget?
    you can look at this chart and see what would be some suggested options:,3107-7.html

    also before you venture into crossfire, what PSU do you have?
  2. I got cm 550w the 2nd gen extreme one (apparently made by another company which is much better than the 1st gen one). I say that coz I know when it came out it got bad reviews, but is apparently a lot better now. Also know that it can handle 2 5770 since I have tested it :p.

    Budget will be tight, idk the amount but it won't be a lot.
  3. this would give you a decent upgrade w/o breaking the bank
    SAPPHIRE 100314-3L Radeon HD 6870 1GB $159.99

    i really would advise upgrading the PSU before you go xfire with that. i know seventeam made some CM PSUs but i still wouldn't trust it on a heavy load.
  4. I see the 6870 performs in-between the 5850 / 5870. How would a 5770 / 6770 combo compare? since here where i stay i can get the 6770 for half price of the 6870.

    Another option i was thinking would be wise, is to wait for Nvidia to release there 6** line and hope 7*** prices drop? or Nvidia gives a killer deal on a potent 650 / 660. What is the release date on all there cards?

    I know i can google a lot of this, but most seem like guesses / false.
  5. i don't know where you could get a 6770 for $80 the 6870 @ $160 is just $30 more than what 6770s i saw on new egg.

    the mid level 6xx series from nivida won't be out until september before amd would have to drop prices to counter the releases. if you can wait that long than hang out for awhile.

    if you want to upgrade now, i'd suggest getting the 6870 instead of an xfire config so that fees up your 5770 that you can sell and have money towards a future upgrade.
  6. Thanks for advice, think i will take your advice and sell the 5770 and buy a 6870 (or better depending on cash at the time), but i will do it around June giving time for prices to drop a lil and for me to save more, if i get enough i might make it to 7*** / 6**.

    Thanks m8.
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