Is it my PSU or Graphics Card

Ok so just yesterday I thought (and used to think) that my Graphics Card is starting to die. Evertime I run a game it loads fine, but then after a minute or two I start seeing wierd large dots of all colors and lines and just alot of messed up stuff. So I rolled back my drivers, did a 3D Mark Vantage Test (which failed).

However when I was using my computer to listen to music just now (Video works fine outside of games... sometimes) and My display turned off and my music started to stutter, when it came back on it said at the bottom "Video Card Driver Recovered." Aand again I started seeing particles at this point.

But my question is, if it was the GPU, why did the music in the background stutter? I did a cpu test, which passed, and I can do CPU intensive work like zipping and extracting files and more so its not my CPU. Could it be my power supply?

Im about 20% sure its my graphics card, but I can't be sure. I also don't have a PSU tester and I really don't want to go buy one. Is there someone who has seen this situation before?

EDIT: My computer will not turn on properly, when I turn it on, it is a black screen an I don't think it is even booting to windows, starting to think it's my PSU that's the problem.
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  1. well if its doing it outside of games when the gpu is at one of its lowest power states then I would go for the gpu over the psu.
  2. is your GPU old?

    you should try some basic tests like "fan speed" to check if it is getting hot, see if it is dusty too, if so be careful how you clean it, see some vids about preventing a static shock to your internal components.

    you might try and disconnect your monitor, that should take all the stress off of your card, so you can check if your sound goes back to normal.

    I agree with Popatim, if it happens outside games it is unlikely to be your PSU.
  3. Ok, new symptoms. Now my computer starts, but with no display. I waited around to see if windows would start and maybe I could hear the startup noise. Didn't hear it. Also I have a sd card reader in the front of my chassis; usually when my computer boots theres a red light signalling it is on, however it is no longer on. My graphics card is a GTX 285, and lights on the gpu are green.
  4. Would inserting a very basic gpu tell me what the problem is?
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    whitewingjek said:
    Would inserting a very basic gpu tell me what the problem is?

    It would at least tell you whether or not your PC still boots ok without your usual GPU.
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  7. I inserted another graphics card and my PC worked without a hitch.
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