SLI GTX 560 Ti or GTX 680

Hi i am getting a new computer soon and i don't know which one i should get.
Cost does not matter
Q: Should i get one GTX 680 2GB or SLI GTX 560 Ti's 2GB?

Monitor resolution 1920x1080 also i am gonna be playing in 3d as my monitor is 3d getting the Asus VG278
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  1. If your going to play 3D all the time then the 680 would be better.
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    For just one monitor? A GTX 680 would be more ideal, and it'll do everything you need it to do. Also, this future-proofs you as, in the future should you decide to run more monitors you can add another GTX 680, they'll be easier to find then, and be able to smoke any game/3D out there.
  3. I dont really get it but your getting Multiple Monitor setup? If your doing two monitor setup, get two GTx 560 because a single 680 at 1920x1080(1 monitoe) with crysis 2 running max is in the low 30s average FPS(33FPS)... Best if you get two 560 Ti 2GB because it probably could run better than 680 due to low VRAM of 680... You can wait for the GTx 680 4GB vRAM which is ganna be awesome or Multi monitor Setup which should be probably or close to $650 as my guess
  4. Sorry if your confused but i dont know that much about computers and i am only getting 1 monitor as of now.
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  6. One 680 versus one 560 is an odd comparison as, in general, a card at 2.5 times the price will almost always be faster. The usual question is .... one hi end card versus two mid range cards.

    One GTX 680 for $500 will get you about 770 fps in Guru3D's game test suite
    Two GTX 560 Ti's for $400 will get you about 862 fps in Guru3D's game test suite
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