AMD 7870 variations

Ive been considering purchasing a 7870 card or 2... there are many different variations from diff companies... here are the cards .. tell me what yall think...

xfx oc -
msi -
saphire -
gigabyte -
Asus -

xfx being the most expensive....

alot specs are really close.. :heink:
i think sum can be manually tweaked to meet the xfx claimed performance .. so probably cud scratch that and oc myself donno...

Thermal Take lvl 10 GT
Zambezi BD
8gb 2133 Rip Jaws X
990 FX Republic of Gamers
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  1. I'd personally opt for the Gigabyte Windforce, it has the fastest Core clock speed (although you could overclock yourself of course) and has an excellent cooler.

    Having said that I don't think you could go far wrong with the sapphire or MSI variants either.
  2. ^actually I took it back,OP's link was that of a 7770 :P
  3. Anik8 said:
    ^actually I took it back,OP's link was that of a 7770 :P

    Yeah I was really confused then ! :lol:
  4. Sapphire dual fan version is pretty much the most quiet of the bunch, has very good overclocking headroom and is the cheapest. That's the 7870 I'd get ;)
  5. thanks for the advice.. i cud give 2 shits bout noise lol i want the most bad ass best performing bang for the buck
  6. Argh! facepalm.
  7. I opted for the Asus DCUII, only because my previous card was a Asus which I had no problems with so decided to stick with them.

    As far as overclocking and temps, it came with 1010/1210 clocks I bumped them up to 1100/1250 idle temps are 27-29c and under load 50-55c. Tried giving it more of a overclock 1150/1275 but BF3 didnt like it game would freeze and the card would turn off and back on, although I did try 1175/1275 clocks with the Heaven Benchmarks with no problems so I don't think its a power issue since I have a decent PSU ( PC Power & cooling 750watt)
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