Need Help Deciding what GPU To get :)

Hello, i've decided that upgrading my CPU, Motherboard and GPU would be a good idea, i've already decided what CPU and Motherboard, any suggestions for a Decent but not too expensive Graphics Card? (:
(i live in Australia, so pricing is a little different here)
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  1. How much are you willing to spend on a new graphics card?
  2. Not sure what the prices are like in Australia, but in the UK the HD6850 is a great gaming card for under £90, It'll play most games well on high setting @ 1080P.

    If your pockets are deeper then you may be interested in the EOL GTX560Ti's for £150 or a GTX570 for £230.
  3. $350 tops?
  4. For a budget of $350 I would suggest a GTX 570...or you can wait to see what the next 600 series cards are like from nvidia if you are not in a hurry.
  5. I've got a MSI Radeon R6850 Cyclone 1gb Overclocked edition...
    it should last me until the 600 series are out, then i'll make my decision + have more money to spend, thanks for your input! :)
  6. Good idea brendan , the new cards should be out soon and you can make your choice then :)
  7. Yup great idea, both good choices there
  8. monsta said:
    Yup great idea, both good choices there

    Thanks for your quick responses, thanks mate :)

    Just a question, im pretty new to building computers...
    is it hard to install the CPU to the motherboard? or should i get a proffesional to show me? :)
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