EVGA 560ti Superclocked for bf3(upgrading from hd5770)

Hello there I have got some questions about the 560ti Superclocked..

I'm playing bf3 with a HD5770 and i notice that this card can't keep up with this game..
So i want to upgrade it to a 560ti, when i do so will it have a Significant performance boost?
Or are there better cards?(price 200-250 euros) I want to play this game at least at high with smooth gameplay) I can play at high now with the HD5770 but it stutters.. and im getting framedrops.

My rig:

AMD Phenom x4 965BE 3,4Ghz
4GB Memory
CoolerMaster Silent Pro 620w

Thanks :D
Sorry for bad englisch
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  1. I'm not very familiar with AMD cards but the GTX 560 Ti will do the job for you. Take a look at these benchmarks. It also shows you what kind of performance boost that you will get over your HD5770 in that game...

  2. Thanks :D I think i will go with the 560ti then :D With one is better the 1gb version or the 2gb version? Going to play at 1920x1080 max resolution.
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