Is it the monitor or is it the cable?

I just built a computer and everything worked just fine. A week later, the monitor just stopped receiving the signal from the graphics card. The monitor is still on, and whenever the cable is plugged into it, it flickers onto Windows, and just goes to not receiving signal, check cable, then flickers on again for a fourth of a second, then goes to not receiving signal and so on. It works just fine for about 30 minutes when I force a shut down and restart my computer, but then it just goes right back to the flickering. I'm wondering if I should get a new cable or bite the bullet and get a new monitor.
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    I would suggest you do a couple of test before buying anything:

    1. check your cable, sometimes you might damage it stepping on it with a chair or desk.

    2. I find that squeezing the cable and puling firmly from one extreme to the other sometimes fixes internal problems in the cable(either way you will need to change it sooner or later but you will know it is not the monitor)

    4.. ask someone to lend you another monitor and cable, try and make it the same input as your monitor (HDMI, DVI, VGA)

    5. if even with a different monitor and cable you still have a problem then you might even have a problem with your graphics card... but it doesn't sound like that.

    Good luck
  2. step 3. was to get a cable from a friend, but i guess you can get both the monitor and cable at the same time from someone else.
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  4. What's your PC's specs ?
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