Choosing a graphics card for Deus Ex HR - Please Help


I currently don't have a dedicated graphics card and am currently using AMD HD 4200 integrated graphics. I used to have a Sapphire HD 4670 Ultimate (Fanless) but that overheated and eventually broke down.

I am looking to play a few games with a new card, currently I have Deus Ex to play, and would like some suggestions for a card.

I am aware TH have done an article on DE:HR and say that it is quite CPU intensive an less about the card. However I don't have a GPU at all and can't afford a CPU upgrade too at the moment.

Here are my specs as advised.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: This week, max £90, would like to spend less really, ideally £50~ish.

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Audio work (so needs to be quiet), watching movies / work, Gaming


OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Gigabyte AM2+ Board, AMD Athlon II X2 260, 3.2 GHz. 4GB DDR2 1066.


PARTS PREFERENCES: Don't really want Sapphire as the last card overheated and a HD 6670 I purchased started to warp within a few hours of use and my case is not even that hot inside.


MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1280x1024 (Monitor), 1366x768 (TV)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Ideally a quiet model with low power requirements.
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  1. 1280x1024? I would suggest you upgrade your monitor first.

    You could go with something like a 6670 (xfx) but at 1280x1024 most of the load is on your cpu, and any decent gpu would be kind of wasted.
  2. If I am upgrading my monitor as well then I would be spending a lot of money overall. I just want to enjoy a game with what I have already really, with a new GPU added.

    1280x1024 isn't great I know.

    So a HD 7750 would be wasted?

    Would a GT 440 be any good or is the 6670 better? Is there anything in between?
  3. if you're going to upgrade your monitor you'll need to upgrade your CPU too and maybe ur whole system.

    Any mid range card with 128 bit memory bus will run the game just great on that resolutions...
  4. I don't see why upgrading the monitor requires a cpu/system upgrade.....higher resolution put's less load on the cpu.....but anyways a 7750 would be a decent card to go with, even with a higher resolution.
  5. Would a HD 5670 be any good?
  6. yes it would.
  7. UR CMPUTR SUX!!! GET A NU 1!!!

    Just kidding. I hate it when someone with a lower-end setup asks for advice on a new GPU and the answer they get is "upgrade your monitor/cpu/system."

    Geekapproved speaks truth - my recommendation is also an HD 7750. You can run it on any PSU, and it will give you great framerates in Deus Ex. Your CPU will hold you back some, but it will definitely be playable, even on max settings.

    Here's a good one:

    You won't ever regret spending more for a better video card.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions.

    I'm kind of wondering what the CPU bottleneck would be on my PC in terms of the graphics card.

    From what jessterman21 is saying, I take it somewhere around the HD 7750 would be the bottleneck. Would I be right in thinking that buying this card would be the best upgrade available for this system (as in a newer card in the future after this would not be beneficial due to the CPU) without doing a completely new build.

    Would I benefit from the 7750 (£90) or would a £60 6670 be a better option or even a 5670 from ebay (probably around £40). Is the extra £50 wasted on the 7750 fro my pc?

  9. To summarize, you'll be fine with any of these cards. At your resolution the load goes to the CPU much more than the GPU. Whether you get a HD 6670 or HD 5670 both will perform great at that resolution.

    You could have purchased the HD 7750 if you had 1600x monitor, it would make much sense. =)
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