Good enough for budget build?

I'm considering to buy the A4-3400 @2.7 GHZ for a budget build.

It's mostly for M.Office and watching movies. I also want to run 2 monitors, so I'm getting a Gygabite MOBO with DVI and a VGA (D-Sub). This APU supports dual display, right?
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  1. i wont suggest an a4 but if your doing and movies with no gaming it would be fine
    i dont know if it will support dual monitors
  2. Not the A4-3400, only 1Mb of L2 cache will hurt performance even at 2.7Ghz.

    I recommend the A6-3600, quad core @ 2.1/2.4Ghz, has faster GPU but make sure you pair it with DDR3-1866 for optimum memory performance.

    To check for a Gigabyte motherboard use

    I believe the GA-A75M-DS2 to be the best and you can run 2 monitors using the DVI and d-sub or but plugging in a second cheap ATI GPU.
  3. The cpu will be enough for office and movies. It does support 2 monitors as long as the motherboard does. It should be enough for a budget box.
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