SSD or Better Graphics?

I purchased a HP H8-1070t bundled with a 23" LED monitor last year. I haven't upgraded it at all except for putting in a TV Tuner Card.
Intel Core i7-2600, 3.4 GHz, Quad Core
8gb RAM (2 free slots)
AMD HD 6450, 1gb (PCI Express x16)
1.5 Terabyte HD, Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

It's not like it's really bad and lags all the time, I just want to make it better.

I do HD video editing sometimes, some gaming but I want to be able to run games very well. I only have Minecraft at the moment but I will probably be getting some more graphic intense games in the future.

I will probably upgrade to 16gb of RAM soon. I am also thinking about adding a SSD or swapping out the graphics card.

Can you recommend either a SSD or graphics card that is good?
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  1. Definitely you would want to upgrade into a new graphics card. The current one you are using is really horrible. Can you please list your budget so I can suggest a recommended one for your budget
  2. Maybe $100-$150. Don't want to spend too much but if there is a really good upgrade for $150-200 I would consider it.
  3. Nice PC

    "I want to be able to run games very well" agree with zxmpro above, you need video. ssd will not help.

    Your PC's specs list three possible power supplies -- "Power output wattage Must select one of the following options: 300 Watt 460 Watt 600 Watt"

    If you have the 300w power supply then the strongest card you can add is an 80w HD7770. If you have the 460w power supply then you can add about 200w of graphics which is a ton. The 600w will cover any card you can buy today. You PSU is a standard size and can be swapped for an ATX PSU. If you swap PSUs make sure you get a quality one -- bad power causes all sorts of problems and there are no standards for how much ripple and voltage drop the PSU has under load.

    To find a video card let zxmpro29 recommend one or use this ref to pick one yourself.,3107.html For me the Hd6850 @ $140 would be nice if your PSU can supply its 127w power (the 460 can, the 300 can't). Any card over $100 would really improve your gaming, the 6450 is a home theater card not a gaming card.

    Google any card you pick with TDP to find its max power usage. For example, google hd7770 and TDP to find the hd7770 uses 80w max.

    To verify which power supply (PSU) you have open the case and read the label on the side of the power supply. If you get a card that uses more power than your PSU can supply the system will run to desktop, then will crash/bluescreen during heavy gaming or in hot weather when PSU output drops off.
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