Dual GPU VGAs vs. Single GPU in CrossfireX/SLI VGAs

If not taking performance in consideration, what is a difference between dual gpu video cards and equivalent single gpu video cards installed in CrossfireX/SLI mode?

Which configuration is better in terms of driver support and temperature?
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  1. Dual GPU cards will run much hotter. As a result, they have to be clocked somewhat lower than an individual card would be.

    So a pair of video cards in SLI/Crossfire will always be faster than a single dual GPU card.
  2. 2 GPU in dual configuration is better in my opinion, as 2 GPU in single configuration. Because single ones are tend to run hotter and noisier, like 6990 to 6970 CF.
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    Personally I would rather use a single card over the crossfire or SLI performance matching pair of GPU's

    The dual card option really only comes into it for me when you are talking about top end performance.
    For instance if I wanted HD 7970 or GTX 680 type performance I would rather get a pair of GXT 560Ti cards in SLI because of the cost saving.
    However if I wanted HD 6970 performance I would not get 2 GTX 550 cards I would get the single card.

    There are less and less actual Issues associated with dual cards these days but you do sometimes have to wait for support for new games which means you sometimes have to drop to a single GPU to play them.

    Mactronix :)
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